As You Laugh I Envy You

Do you laugh at cats holding guitars. I do. They’re painted on street walls. The streets are cold now. I saw a man today. Cancer. Veins dissecting the neck as though a leaf. Blabbering Bavaric. Was mildly sympathetic. Don’t know if it was raining. Forget about the weather. Forget about the rain, the clouds and forget about the light. Your smile when I hold you is the saddest I’ve seen.

You feel the night is over before the night should. You breathe heavily on theme park rides. Could be. Are you shivering.


2 Responses to “As You Laugh I Envy You”

  1. Are you shivering? Are you cold?
    Are you bathed in silver or drowned in gold?
    This dream’s a vitality
    With filaments as fine as a spider’s web
    Pour through your mouth
    That pour through your mouth
    O river of silver, O river of flowers
    I lie down and shiver in your silver river
    Out drips the last drop of this vital fluid

    Our life has grown weary
    The stars have grown old
    Are you still shivering?
    Are you still cold?
    Are you loathsome tonight?
    Does your madness shine bright?
    Are you loathsome tonight?

    In the oceans of the moon
    Swimming squid-like and squalid
    This bright moon is a liquid
    The dark earth is a solid

    This is moon music in the light of the moon.

  2. pornetry Says:

    A creature made of sunshine
    Her eyes were like the sky
    Rabbit howls like something old
    As we twitch to a lullaby
    The scapel shines in God’s sunshine
    The street lights whisper pain
    Down here near the poison stream
    Our God has gone insane.

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